Corporate branding starts with color and flows through everything your company does to portray your image. We help you develop your brand strategy and voice so that you are conveying the right message. From collateral to talking points, we're here.


From a simple logo to an extensive ad campaign, Megawatt has the talent and resources to bring your vision to reality!  By staying on-budget and on-brand, we collaborate with you and your team to create award-winning concepts and creations.  Business cards to websites - you're in great hands.

Public Relations

Every company, from solopreneur through Fortune 100, needs a positive image. We get the word out about just how awesome you are, and why potential customer should choose you!


Content Development

Using your voice and message, we generate strategic content for your site, newsletter, press communications and more.  Whether a one-time piece of ongoing project, we make every word count and every communication the very best it can be.

Make your investment count.

Our team will assess your strengths and weaknesses and provide support at any level, on your budget in and your timeframe. Avoid costly mistakes in both financial and reputation loss by working with us to assure your best results!

Every client is personal.

Whether it's a mom and pop shop or a multi-million dollar, multi-national corporation, every client receives customized approaches and benchmarked results.  Don't choose us for our client list.  Choose us because you can join it. ♥️️

Magic starts with one click.

You don't need to know all the answers; that's our job. We won't pull a rabbit out of a hat, but we can perform some pretty miraculous feats. Just take the first step...