3 Things You Need to Stop Doing Today

You probably already know these, but it’s an important reminder.

I bet there are more than three things you should stop doing; in fact I am sure there are. But these five top the list as it stands right now. It’s easy to get complacent and slack, but I don’t want to see you fail. Let’s get to it, and start 2015 with a new mindset.

  1. Do NOT text message with clients. I know it’s easier, and quicker, and why not if they’re ok with it? Well, first of all, just because you’re tech-comfortable does not mean they are, or that they even HAVE a texting plan (I know; it’s hard to imagine life without it). But most importantly, it reduces your workflow paper trail by important details, and it lessens your professional relationship.

  2. Do NOT check email late at night. We’ve all been guilty of it. You’re in bed at midnight and you hear the familiar ♪♫beep beep♫♪ of your email app. You can’t help yourself. I implore you to try. We are more likely to respond emotionally, with poorly-worded responses, late at night. And especially with clients, it promotes the belief you are available 24/7. Just don’t do it. It’s more important than a Zero Inbox.

  3. Do NOT post on social media about work. Social media is our personal journal of our lives to our closest friends, or is it? Remember that what you put out there can often be seen by if not the public, the friends of your friends who may as well be the public. You risk not only getting into trouble, but often your job, if you’re found to be posting inappropriate or disparaging statements about work. Not worth the risk.

These bad habits can really inhibit you more than you know. Now put down that soda, grab some water, and make your list of changes, with these at the top!  You will see the difference immediately.

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