Corporate branding starts with color and flows through everything your company does to portray your image. We help you develop your brand strategy and voice so that you are conveying the right message. From collateral to talking points, we're here.

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Public Relations

Every company, from solopreneur through Fortune 100, needs a positive image. We get the word out about just how awesome you are, and why potential customer should choose you!

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Content Development

Using your voice and message, we generate strategic content for your site, newsletter, press communications and more.  Whether a one-time piece of ongoing project, we make every word count and every communication the very best it can be.

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You are your brand.

From every email you send, to the extravagant full-page ad in the Sunday New York Times style section.  Every nuance is a choreographed visual to potential consumers of just who you are, what you do and what you represent.

By working with a branding and relations professional, you can assure that you're always putting your best foot forward, but also to have an achievable action plan in place for any situation. Emergencies happen in every business; being prepared assures the least damage to your bottom line.

But let's face it; communicating every day is the bigger issue. Should you send press releases?  Can you cold-call Good Morning America? Should you send a sample to Ellen Degeneres?

You might not know, but here at Megawatt, we do.

Let us traverse the ins and outs while you concentrate on honing the best business you can.


Stop thinking; start clicking.

Don't waste another moment. Your company depends on your image, your voice and your brand. Let's get you were you want to be. 👌